Carefully Crafted and Built to Last

Reef Runner’s beginnings were humble in nature. The “early days” produced Creepy Crawlers, lead soldiers, and simple jigs. Then weight forward spinners, Cicadas®, Slender Spoons®, and now crankbaits.

As with growing a tree, good roots are essential. Our mission at Reef Runner Tackle Company is to provide you, our customers, with the finest in original designs, paint finishes, hooks, and hand crafted quality – designed and tested in the USA We strive to make a better fish catching lure by using feedback from pro-staff, customers, and fishing ourselves whenever possible. As it has been to date, and will continue to be, our roots will remain – those of listening to our customers and making baits that make your fishing effort more fruitful.


Reef Runner’s beginnings were humble in origin.  We grew up in the same central Ohio town, went to school together (some of our first dates were fishing the local river and farm ponds) and married after college.  Scott graduated from Heidelberg University in Tiffin Ohio and taught high school sciences and biology while operating a full-time fishing charter service on Lake Erie.  Betsy pursued nursing, graduated from Marion Technical College in Marion Ohio and worked in many different facets of nursing over the years.  We are blessed to have two grown children, Nathan and Katie.

Together, we took the entrepreneurial plunge and purchased Reef Runner, a small weight forward spinner company, from longtime friend and fellow fisherman James Feltman in 1988.  The rest, as the cliché goes, is history!  Scott took up the design challenge and created the Cicada quickly followed by a family of crankbaits including the Reef Runner and Ripstick.  He continues designing today and shares his time between Reef Runner and another longtime passion—coaching high school football.

We have been blessed over the years to meet many wonderful people and to have the ability to serve great customers.

Remember to keep fishing-the nets aren’t full!


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“Capt. Randy Raudebaugh here!  I want to tell everyone that fishes Lake Erie that the lure I choose to fish is the Reef Runner.  So many great colors and they catch fish, no matter what time of the year!!  Thanks for making such a great lure Scott!!”

Scott and Reef Runner Crew,

We just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for putting out such high quality fishing lures. Since our youth spent fishing Lake Erie to the current days of tournament and fun fishing some 30 years later, we have always found a Reef Runner product that consistently puts bigger walleye in the boat. Whether it is Cicada’s at ice out, 700’s at night in the rocks or 600’s and 800’s any other time, we have found that Reef Runner lures not only excel at catching bigger fish but your paint and hooks hold up much better than anything on the market today. Thanks again for your quality products and commitment to providing the best selection of stock colors which stand the test of time!


David and Kenny Pace

Marblehead, Ohio