Introducing the .44 Mag

It was our intention to bring out a new crankbait that is truly a Reef Runner original.

During the last few years, prostaff here on Erie and from around the country found that a new profile (shad based) crankbait was needed.  Minnow populations are down due to weather conditions, predation and the aquatic environment, leaving shad as the number one forage fish for walleye, pike musky, trout and other game fish.

After reviewing this data, we took our basic Ripshad body, enlarged it, added more length to the tail and modified the bill to come up with its own unique action.  In the end, we produced a lure that not only runs great but dives close to thirty feet when trolled on braided line!  Hand painted finishes (not printed) are of the highest quality then sealed with an epoxy coating.  The Ripshad 44 Mag incorporates proven #4 Eagle Claw Kahle hooks, quality Worth split rings and tough, hand glued butyrate bodies all hand made in America.

Thank you to all our loyal customers and fans over the years!  Enjoy catching fish with these new baits!

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