Reef Runner XL Green Apple


This is an unpainted, clear XL (extra loud rattle) body suitable for the custom painter.  It is arrives packaged with unattached hooks and split rings.

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The 800XL Series Reef Runner (Deep Diver) Lures

A deep diving 4″ rattling minnow bait designed to dive quickly with a wobble gamefish can’t resist. It’s “kicking” action hunts down the big ones while the body creates a perfect image for even finicky fish.

This lure is molded out of ABS plastic and contains an extra loud (XL) glass and steel tube rattle for increased sound!

Body Length: 4 3/4″  Bill Length: 1 11/16″  Total Length:6 3/16″
Weight: 5/8 oz.  Max. Diving Depth: 28 ft’   Hook: # 4

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500 Series – Shallow, 600 Series – Deep

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