Ripshad Bittersweet


Many of us grew up in a rural communities working on farms.  Bittersweet, a deciduous vine, was often used as a decorating favorite of our mothers.  Its brilliant orange color was the inspiration for this original color.  The berries are poisonous to humans if eaten but perfectly safe as a lure color for fish!  The brighter the better better!

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The 200 Series Shad Baits Lures

Body Length: 2 1/4″”  Bill Length: 1 1/8″”  Total Length:3 3/8″
Weight: 1/4 oz.oz.  Max. Diving Depth: 16′   Hook: # 8 Double

The 400 Series Shad Baits Lures

Body Length: 2 13/16″  Bill Length: 1 5/16″  Total Length:4″
Weight: 3/8 oz.oz.  Max. Diving Depth: 18′   Hook: # 6 Double

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200 Series – 1/4 oz., 400 Series – 3/8 oz.

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